My email: azbrushape@aol.com For those who don't know me,I am an 85 year old kid, that likes Vickys. I was imntroduced to Vickys, by a member of this forum, and found the thing that really means the most to me, about collecting. This site will provide me with the opportunity to learn all about the many, many varieties,,and how to search for, and log them. I have much to learn, and many to learn from! My philosiphy: Any day that goes by, without learning something new, is a day WASTED!

As a child, in the late twentys, and early thirtys, I had the chance, to see, and hold in my hand, a 5-dollar gold piece. That was one my dad had asked for, when he cashed his check. (He was a Telegraph operator, on the AT&SF, RY). Then he returned it to the bank, and got change for it. The FE/IHC he had, went into a "dictionary" bank, along with the barber quarters, and dimes. the ones that were left over at the end of the pay perion, (if any). I still have the bank, and one of the barbers, andSLQ's The 1913 liberty head nickel was the one coin on his mind. Obviously, he never saw one. he also had the "bufalo, the shield, the mercury, the FDR, all the rest, which later became part of my "coin collection". It stayed that way until the mid 60's, when I retired from the US Navy, after 20 years. While in the Navy, I went thru Aviation Mainteanence Mechanic School in Norman, OK. then to Perry Ok, for aerial gunnery training. While At perry, OK, I received my gunners insignia, and aerial gunnery wings. Then i was transferred to jacksonvill, FL, for Combat aircrew training. After the three months training in "Jacksonville, in the PBY-5, (Yoke-0boat), I received my CAC wings. Later the squadron was transferred to San DF Diego, and some of the crews were sent to replace some of the "Black Cat Squadron members. Others were "drafted into the Overhaul, and assembly section, and were working with the "sand-crabs", as the civilians were known as, five of the crew were sent to Whidby Island, for "hot-0wing" school. I did not care for the situation i was in, because it was not what I expected, and had volunteered for, and had been trained so much for, so I began looking for a "way out". It happened, that when transferring from one department, to another, one had to go thru "EPDOPAC". While there, i asked if there was any openings for any where else. They said they needed a "engine test-stand operator, and I volunteered for it. I was trained as a mechanis), so it was innmy "Job-code". Then when i went back to the department, to have the "leading Stoker" sign my transfer, he noticed that I had found a "way out"! He also got a transfer, and then they 'closed the door! No more goung thru EPDOPAC! That was in july, '45The Japs quit, whikle we were sitting in Eniwitok Harbor, so being more than f days out to sea, we went to Guyam, and there I became a truck-driver in the ASD, (aviation Supply Department, and to make it more interesting, bring aircraft qualified, and receiving flightay, I was able to fly four hours a month, and draw my flight pay. I stayed on Guam until released on my "minority Cruise< with 3 years, 2 months, and 5 days service. I remained in the Reserve for 12 months, and 25 days, before getting thotoughly disgusted with the "SCABS", on the Santa FE, where I was a fireman, and so I re-enlisted. Back to Guam, (by request). I converted to Aviatiopn Electronics Technicion, and received my "HAM" licemse, as well. Upon retiring, i went to Mexico, and began collecting colonial, and type coins. later ,('66) I returned tiop the US, and my coins were sold to 'feed the kids". i then met another collector, and got started in world coins, (all I could fford, then). The US coins were too expensive. That didn't last, because my income didn't cover the extra expenses, much less, coins, too!

I returned to Maxico again in '83, and then began collecting coins again, but by date, and type, from the Reform, 1910. My pension check was enough to allow the extra expense, so i put come money in "short-term CD's, (30 day), and we began trying to save as much as we could to increase the STD'. The annual interest rate, was 139.6%/annum, so the interest made it possible to live off it, (and the grocery store we had). The prices of the bacic commodities were controlled by The Finacne Secretart, and strictly enforced. I had no problem with that, because I didn't live off the store's income. The inspectors, had asked me, "how can you lkeep the prices posted, and abide by them"? i told him i don't "live off the store income", so ,. no problem. He sais most of the stores had to "stretch the point", pretty often, because it was too restricted. The exchange reate was 3000:1, so I gained that way, also.

I would have remained there to this day, but my Mom was alone, and said she needed help, so we sold the furniture, etc, and returned to the US, in 88. My crown sized collection went, again to feed us, since the kids were mostly grown, and gone.I did not do much in the collecting area, for many years, until I found my youngest son was selling on ebay, and I got interested, in the coins he was selling.. He had 1800 Canadian small cents for sale, but got no offers, and I said I would take them. As it turned out, there were over 2500 of them, so I began working on a date collection. The ones he had were fron '37, to date. I have since, obtained folders that begin at 1920, and have filled several of them. Then i began with th "Zincolns". While working as a cashier in a licuor store, prior to going to Mexico, in '83, I ahd several rolls of '82's, and 83's BU, and they were stored ina three pound coffee can. This was after moving to CA. As it turned out, it was a more costly move than planned, because I thought I had stored all my "crown-sized coins,", and had packed them in one of the nearly 50 boxes I brought over in several trips from AZ. It took monthe to go thru thr boxes, and I never did find the coins, (they were in several 1 QT fruit jarrs). Lat er, My brother sais he was removing some of the storasge benchmand shelving from the 2nd trailer, when he saw some fruit jars with coins in them, He said they were Z"mexicam", and because the Peso had been devalued, He figured i didn't have any use for them, any more! I still get sick to muy stomach! No one knows where thety eventually went, but they did not come to CA! In 2005, approximately, I was introduced to Coppercoins.com, and brgan looking closer at the coins. Then i found RPM'sDDO/DDR. etc. With a very large photo data base at my 'disposal", I began to go for varieties. Then the "09-S VDB became the only vacant spot in my folders, and no hope of a lottery win, or a "rich uncle", I went to the FE/IHC. I was able to complete several folders, (no '77, or 09-S, but all the rest were there). Then I received several Vickys" from one of the members, and they, along with a few od-balls that showed up now and then, I got interested in the large cents. Needless to say, that I had found my Spot in Pig heaven"! I only work with them, and all the other sets pf PL, Proof, etc, all are stashed. Forgotten, almost. Vivtoria, has captured my interest, and I will still be seeking more of her varieties" the day I die. hopefilly I will have also learned something new. it would be a shame to have wasted that last day! If you are still awake, I have finished. Cheers!