The moniker "Grav" comes from my family name (Gravel). My first name is Alain. The astute reader will easily figure out that I am a francophone by birth. I know enough of the Shakespearian tongue to be considered "bilingual". I do not participate often in treds but I lurk on CCRS on a daily basis.

I now reside in Montreal, Quebec. I am a commissionned officer in Land Logistics in the Canadian Forces. I was born in 1962 so the spring left this chicken long ago.

I started collecting in 1995 and only collect canadian one cent coins. Why the one cent coin you wonder? Well nobody seems to like the poor, maligned one cent coin: you can't buy much these days for one cent; it is the black sheep of the numismatic world; and nobody will really bend over to pick an one cent coin. Yeah! the perfect "underdog". Canadians can really appreciate an underdog.

I considered my collection complete when I finally purchased a Red 1954 NSS in PL-64 condition. That is until I found this website and discovered the frustating but rewarding world of "varieties". I just can't wait for Mr. Griffin to publish his remaining monograms. I just love it when CCRS members post pictures of new and weird varieties.

So members of CCRS, keep on the good work and keep the information flowing.