Hi everyone.

My name is Marc Pelletier. I was born, near La Pocatière ( P.Q. ) in 1938. During my years at Laval's university, in agronomy, i was initiated to the coins collection ( canadian and world coins ) by an uncle.

From 1972 to 1976 i was in Morocco, in a co-operation project with ACDI. I beginning there my collection of moroccan coin ( Alawite dynasty 1669-2009 ) : i collected up to 2005, regular coins, errors, varieties and also some contemporary counterfeits. In this period and near today, i was very active and, as example, with a friend of Austria, we updated the moroccan sections in the four books of Krause "Standard Catalog of World Coins".

From 1976 to 1996 i work as regional director, in agricultural insurances, in regions near Montreal.

I sold a part of my moroccan collection to the Coin Museum in Ottawa and the greater part to a friend.

From ten years, i have focused my interest in the field of errors and varieties not indexed, of canadian coins, a field not yet enough known. From more than two years, i contribute much more to this objective with works and discussions on the wedsite : , on the nickname of za75. The forum on "Errors and Variety " is very popular and the interest of collectors is growing.