I'm 33 and live in Hamilton, Ontario with my wife, where I am finishing my Hons. B.Sc. in computer science.

I collected Canadian pennies as a kid, mostly from raw, lower end coins at the Stamp and Coin Hut. That spawned an interest in collecting the entire decimal series.

I put it down for about 15 years, but recently have made some in roads again. I still have the small pennies from all those years ago, and they form a filler date set that I am slowly replacing. For small pennies I try to commit to MS63+, especially for QEII where I shoot for 65/66. For large pennies, I try to collect EF+ where the budget allows.

I want to gradually expand into silver again, perhaps when the economy recovers and precious metal prices come down from record highs.

My other interests include model railroading, movies and music.