Steve in WV

I'm a collector who started as a child, paused for a few decades and am now back into collecting. I'm from the US and got interested in Canadian coins probably because my Grandmother grew up in Quebec. I spent many summers there. I still have plenty of relatives in Quebec and Ontario, and still own a little piece of the 'farm.' I live in West Virginia and work in the construction industry as an advocate for labor unions and building trades workers. I try not to mix politics and coins. My two adult kids roll their eyes when I mention coins. My wife tries, but she will believe my stories of great deals only if I sell my coins and showed her the money. I don't sell much. I also like to collect US coins and world coins (doesn't leave out much). Porcelain notgeld has my interest. I hope to make the long trip north to attend a show like Torex. I've been coming to this site for years, since before we had to register, and I have learned a lot from it.