He E-mail you this Feedback on 8/26/2012. He was already blocked from posting on the CCRS. If he continues to write you tell him that it is harrassment.

-----Original Message----- From: CanadianCoin.com [mailto:brian2@torex.net] Sent: August-26-12 4:02 PM To: brian2@torex.net Subject: CCRS Feedback Form Submission

MessageType: Suggestion Subject: Web Site SubjectOther: Comments: I just have to let you know Webmaster... I truly hope that you are proud of the way you have destroyed what was once an amazing place to visit for numismatics. Your draconian views and archaic webskills wiped out all the membership.

Even after many tried to help with different suggestions, you persisted. This is the last time I will be visiting this site. I'll be wiping my bookmarks of this URL for good.

Too bad really. You really had something here.....


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