Something about myself, well im married with two girls, one who is developing a fast interest in my coin hobby and the whereabouts it will go once i die, which aint tomorrow , God be willing.lol I started my collecting when i was busy counting pennies around the age of 7, noticing that each had a different date. I would line then up on the floor all in order filling in spaces as i would find them,, only to scoop them up to put back into the jar after i "played" with them. Was only after that i started to search change for those pennies that werent in my jar, and i guess you can say that the rest is history. Today i have an almost complete set of pennies and the rest of the decimal system is running a close race. I am orginially from Newfoundland so now my focus is on those coins, So i guess for me it will always be in the hunt.