Our Privacy Policy - Updated June 12, 2013

CanadianCoin.com never sells, rents out or shares your e-mail address or phone number with third parties. Discussion users may voluntarily publish their E-mail address or phone number on the CCRS public discussion.

We will never release your e-mail address or phone number to an external organization without your prior consent or unless required to do so by operation of law.

Publishing with anonymous usernames on the CCRS discussion is no longer permitted. All CCRS members, new and currently registered members/participants, wishing to post on the CCRS Discussion must use their real name as their username, which will be published after all their posts historical & future (similar to Facebook). If you have already registered for the CCRS discussion and you would like to continue participating on the CCRS Discussion board, please notify the Webmaster at brian@torex.net to have your account updated to publish your real name after all of your posts.


The Canadian Coin Reference Site Team.

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